Saturday, January 14, 2006 entry #1.1

I couldn't resist... I wanted to share something with those of you preparing your taxes:

Beginning Friday, January 13th, 2006, taxpayers are allowed to file their 2005 tax returns electronically via IRS e-file.

Why does this matter?
By receiving your tax refund in 1/2 the time, you can put your money to work earlier. Put it into a savings account (like HSBC's Online Savings Account) and gain interest. :-)

I have never used IRS e-file, but it looks like times are changing. Electronic IRS is a centralized source for all IRS electronic options. Taxpayers and tax preparers now have a page that contains an overview of all the electronic tasks that can be accomplished online.

According to IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson, "It’s the fastest, safest and most accurate way to file your tax return.”

I'll be the guinea pig and this out. I'll write the details of my experience once I'm done on this blog.


Simple Tax Errors That Can Cost a Lot

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This is cool... I'll tell Doug about it.
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