Monday, January 23, 2006


OBD2 > Car Mechanic

Okay, so my '98 Volvo isn't perfect...

Background story - I had a bad experience with a car mechanic while getting my thermostat fixed (I was charged $125!) The mechanic charged $68/hour for labor + parts, etc. and somehow caused the 'Check Engine' light to appear. He told me that it was always on... which was a lie :P He offered to take a look and told me to come back again...

Yeah.. right :-) Needless to say, I don't trust mechanics too much at this point..

So... instead of going back to the mechanic, I purchased this:

It's an OBD2 Car Reader from Equus, and I must say... it's worth the investment. There were 3 simple steps:

1. I plugged it into my car and followed the instructions
2. Read the code that generated
3. Searched Google and found that it was my secondary air fuel component that was causing the error message

It was $90, but I think it's worth it. This OBD2 reader is the same thing that mechanics use... let's hope I don't mess up my car while tinkering with it...

Wish me luck!

Good Luck. Now you know how us females feel when we go to a macanic and take advantage of us. Sucks dont it? Cars are so much fun.
How in the world did you find this device?!?!
thats the smartest thing. mechanics have been doing the engine light tests to milk profits. stick it to the man!
above is eugene btw
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